Int Dev and Education MA


Student Profile

About me

Name: Joe

Course: International Development and Education MA

Study mode: Full time

Where I’m from: Britain

Choosing postgraduate study

"The course gave me a great opportunity to pursue a topic I am really interested in, it also gives me an advantage over other candidates when applying for jobs in the education sector, improving my employability. The course I am currently studying gives me a great insight into the education sector of not just the UK but countries around the world, which is something that fascinates me. The freedom to research topics I am really interested in and work in a much more self-directed environment was also a big reason for me undertaking a postgraduate qualification."

Choosing Newcastle

"I studied here for my undergraduate degree and loved the University and city. Newcastle offers lots of different sports and societies as well as a great nightlife. The University is also right in the city centre making it really easy to get to. The University is also extremely well respected, being part of the Russell Group and always performs well on university league tables. Newcastle also offered a unique course that I couldn’t find anywhere else, which was the biggest incentive for me to study at Newcastle."

Studying at Newcastle

"I enjoy how in-depth the modules are and that I am given the chance to research my specific interests in my degree. I am also looking forward to my compulsory placement module, where I am travelling to Ghana for four weeks in March. When there I shall be interviewing school children, analysing the effect that diet plays on a child’s aspirations, for my dissertation. I also really enjoy the smaller teaching groups allowing for greater discussion in lectures and seminars.

"The class size is much smaller compared to undergraduate, allowing for much greater student-teacher interaction. This means you can get more feedback for work and become more familiar with your lecturers, which is really useful to help you improve your work. The workload is much more self-directed, giving me the chance to focus on my specific interests. My postgraduate degree has a much more diverse range of nationalities than on my undergraduate degree, enabling me to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds."

Postgraduate Community

"I thoroughly feel a part of the postgraduate community at Newcastle University. The University offers numerous events specifically targeted at postgraduate students giving us the opportunity to meet other postgraduates. Often these events take place out of term time when it’s mostly only postgraduates still around. Group projects have also been a great way for me to become better friends with more of my course mates, sharing ideas with people from other cultures."


"I rent a house in West Jesmond with two friends from my undergraduate degree. It was really easy to sort as we got in contact with a local estate agent who organised some house viewings for us. If you are worried about sorting a house, there are loads of websites that advertise individual rooms in houses. If you are moving to a new city and don’t know anyone yet, this can be a great way to make new friends. I was also in university halls during the first year of my undergraduate degree, which was great fun as you are surrounded by similar people with likeminded interests."

Living in Newcastle

"I would highly recommend Newcastle as a place to live and study! It’s a great area to live in, everyone is friendly, and you feel part of the student community. Newcastle is also a really cheap place to live, which is a massive positive. Everything in Newcastle is so close together meaning you can easily walk across the city. The Metro system is also really useful to get around, and if you fancy a day out you can get the Metro to the coast."

Funding my studies

"I have taken out a postgraduate loan from Student Finance England to help cover my rent and living costs. I also have a part-time job working in the food hall of Fenwick, in Newcastle City Centre. I work approximately 10-15 hours a week and this provides me with enough money so live on, whilst studying. I have worked there since the final year of my undergraduate degree. It was easy to find a job as there are loads of part-time jobs going. I would recommend going online and looking at jobs websites because employers will be posting jobs for students during term-time.

"As an undergraduate student, Newcastle was really helpful in giving me lots of information about applying for postgraduate courses. They sent frequent emails about upcoming events and postgraduate open days containing loads of funding information. The Newcastle University website was a really useful source of information about both funding and support. I am visually impaired, so I receive a Disabled Students’ Allowance and Newcastle has been excellent in making sure that everything possible has been done for me to make the most out of my degree."

Career aspirations 

"I hope to work in the education sector working towards improving the accessibility of education to those from disadvantaged backgrounds. My course at Newcastle has given me a great insight into the education sector and helped me develop practical skills I will be able to use in my future career. I have been taught how to collect both qualitative and quantitative data and how best to analyse these to get my desired results. My lecturers have been very useful in discussing future careers with me and giving me advice on how best to use my postgraduate degree."

Remembering Newcastle

"I have really enjoyed the increased freedom of my postgraduate course and the freedom to research into topics I am really interested in. It has been a great experience working with fellow students from all over the world and this experience will be invaluable in future careers. I have also loved getting involved in intramural sport at Newcastle University and playing for two football teams (Sons of Pitches and Panthers FC). This gave me the opportunity to meet fellow students from different courses and make great friends."


"Do lots of research into the course you’re thinking of applying for to see if it is exactly what you want. If you decide to study at Newcastle, then throw yourself into as many different things as possible. Newcastle University has so many extracurricular opportunities which means there will be at least one society/sports team that takes your interest. There’s not another university or city that I would’ve rather gone to for my postgraduate studies. Newcastle is the perfect university city."