Int Marketing MSc


Student Profile

About me

Name: Kinsey

Course: International Marketing

Study mode: Full time

Where I’m from: USA

Choosing postgraduate study

"Postgraduate study opens numerous doors of opportunity in all future career prospects. Learning alongside like-minded motivated students from various countries, and by surrounding oneself with postgraduate peers from diverse cultural backgrounds, one starts to appreciate just how vast the world is, and how valuable higher education is today. Receiving a postgraduate qualification will expand all prospects in my life, as well as make it attainable to pursue careers in cities close to home, Colorado, as well as countries very different than my own."

Choosing Newcastle

"I chose to study my postgraduate degree at Newcastle University for the triple-accredited business school, the exceptional international exposure this provides, and the numerous opportunities available for extracurricular development both on and off campus. Newcastle University’s campus provides a home-away-from-home for international students like me: the welcoming environment and exceedingly friendly administration has eased the transition into postgraduate life far away from home."

Studying at Newcastle

"The MSc International Marketing course provides students with a great number of professional presentations and events to attend throughout each academic year, which harmoniously compliments lecturers and seminars by providing unique learning opportunities that are relevant in the happenings of today’s international business environment. From both an academic perspective, as well as an extracurricular and social perspective, I would absolutely recommend my course to prospective students.

"Postgraduate studies shouldn’t be easy. However, with a strong work ethic, much independent studying, and a motivating drive to excel, the hard work that is required in the MSc International Marketing course is extremely rewarding. Compared to my previous studies, a typical postgraduate work load involves additional reading from textbooks and related journal articles outside of class. Reading relevant case-studies outside of class is very helpful in understanding current marketing trends. Class sizes of lectures are large for this course, but with this, comes fascinating diversity with students from so many cultural backgrounds. Seminars, however, are very small, providing each student with more direct opportunity for class participation and feedback from lecturers."

Postgraduate Community

"Newcastle University provides a postgraduate community unique to many other universities. There are study spaces and networking opportunities provided specifically for postgraduate students, and these environments make it easy to meet postgraduate students. Walking into ‘The Postgraduate Study Room’ spaces in the library and business school establishes a fun, exclusive environment full of like-minded postgraduate students from various courses."


"I am living in University accommodation that is majorly comprised of postgraduate students and international students. Living with English locals and other international students from around the world adds such a fun dynamic to my living experience and also provides for many interesting dinner conversations. Sorting out accommodation coordination with the University was a fluid process with much support available, if needed."

Living in Newcastle

"I’ve found Newcastle to be such a vibrant city to live in. It’s extremely walker-friendly, accessible to other cities via a superb public transportation system, full of incredible eateries, social nightlife opportunities, and daily sight-seeing activities. I would absolutely recommend living in and around Newcastle to my friends."

Funding my studies

"I am very fortunate to have had access to scholarships to partially fund my postgraduate studies. The University offered me two scholarships, each for 5,000 pounds that could be used towards my tuition and accommodation expenses. In addition to this, working a part-time job during the academic year is very feasible, and assists with additional living and tuition costs."

Career aspirations

"In a world of continuous change, our global marketplace is constantly evolving. Driven by my intrigue for cross-cultural dynamics and multinational strategies, I aspire to be at the forefront of the ever-expanding industry of international marketing and design. The interdependent relationship between design and marketing captivates and motivates me to pursue my postgraduate studies in international marketing to, in turn, strengthen my design thinking and innovative problem solving. Combining my work experiences, cross-cultural immersion, and higher education, thus far, provides the perfect foundation for me to succeed in and make a positive contribution to my dream career following completion of Newcastle University’s MSc International Marketing course."

Remembering Newcastle

"The highlight of my postgraduate experience at Newcastle so far, is the opportunity to explore the city and surrounding areas with new friends who came from many countries abroad. Being such an inclusive, international community, it has been so much fun to travel, learn, and explore with like-minded people – people who will remain very close friends of mine throughout life beyond Newcastle."


"Completing a postgraduate course at Newcastle welcomes so much opportunity for personal and professional growth. Advice to prospective students: research your course options, of which there are many at Newcastle and coordinate accommodation arrangements and visa documents (if needed) early, as this can be quite a time-consuming process. However, all steps are logical and a wonderful support system is available to help throughout this process. All of the work put into the course, will be extremely worthwhile and rewarding upon graduation and looking for future career positions. Enjoy the lectures and the city life; exercising a healthy balance between both school and social scenes, will provide for a truly lovely, holistic Newcastle experience."