Int Political Economy MA

Sam R

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About me

Name: Sam
Course: International Political Economy MA
Study mode: Full time
Where I’m from: UK

Choosing Newcastle

"The University has a rich history of academic excellence, a leading careers department, and it is in a big city that has all the features of a big and established urban place, but with a warm and close knit community and environment. As a city it feels really homely.

"I chose to continue studying at Newcastle as I really get on with the staff, they offer a good work environment. They’re always on hand to give you help."

Studying at Newcastle

"Having studied here as an undergraduate I knew what the place and the University had to offer. The staff in the politics department and the Department of Geography, Politics and Sociology more generally go well beyond what is expected to ensure your development, both academically and personally whilst studying here.

"I chose my course because I’m interested in both politics and economics. It’s interesting how this subject is going to play a bigger part in the future, especially in a globalising world.

"In postgraduate study you get the opportunity to air your views and you get more opportunities to go down your own route. Class sizes are smaller but not too small."

Postgraduate Community

"There is a large postgraduate community here at Newcastle. Many of my friends and course mates have also decided to stay on at Newcastle to further their education after being undergraduates here and having such a good experience previously. There are also other students who chose Newcastle who had not necessarily studied here before. The department put on a lot of introduction sessions, and informal food and drinks at the start of the course to integrate people and make them feel welcome. These events were really good, even though I had a lot of friends here already I think these help to integrate people.

"There is also a large network of societies and places to go, irrespective of your background and interests."

Funding my studies

"I got an email about the scholarship scheme and there were posters everywhere advertising it. One of my tutors also told me about it.

"I was awarded a Postgraduate Opportunity Scholarship to further my studies here at Newcastle. This was a £10,000 scholarship. This enabled me to go into a higher level of education, something that I would not be able to fund myself or with support from my family. This scholarship has therefore helped me to develop my skill set, grow as a person and study something that interests me and will contribute to my chances of fulfilling my career aspirations. This scholarship has given me the opportunity to reach my full potential."

Career aspirations

"I would like to work for the ILO (International Labour Organisation), which is an organisation set up to bring about rights in the workplace and encourage decent workplace opportunities and standards throughout the world. My MA gives me good background knowledge in this area and the opportunity to work with world renowned staff."


"I live in Heaton, in private accommodation. Accommodation in Newcastle is really good because no matter where you live you’re not too far away. That’s one thing I really like about the city, how compact it is."

Living in Newcastle

"I couldn’t ask for more from a city, it has a great nightlife, a warm environment, and a great local culture full of friendly people. There are loads of different things to do, I like the bars on Osborne Avenue and the Baltic Art Gallery is really good."

Remembering Newcastle

"Newcastle is a great place to live, I have made lifelong friends, and it is also a place where I developed as a person.

"The highlight so far has been the ability to carry on with my studies when I thought I wouldn’t have been able to."