Linguistics (English Lang, Lang Acq) MA

Annabelle C

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About me

Name : Annabelle
Course: Linguistics (specialist pathways in English Language and Language Acquistion) MA
Study: Full time
Where I'm from:

Choosing postgraduate study

"When I came to finishing my undergrad I felt like I had only scratched the surface of linguistics. I felt like there was so much more to learn, and my dissertation only encouraged that feeling. I found an area of linguistics I was really interested in, but also came to find that it interlinked with so many other areas I wanted to learn about."

Choosing Newcastle

"Having spent three years in Newcastle already I knew I really wanted to stay in the North. I looked at the course at Newcastle and a course nearer home, but found that Newcastle offered a wider range of modules, and modules which covered the subjects my area of interest lay in. In addition to that, my dissertation was based on a study by a linguist who had links with Newcastle University, so I felt that I couldn’t be going wrong if I followed in her footsteps!"

Studying at Newcastle

"The course so far has pushed me in ways I didn’t know possible. There’s not been one class where I’ve been bored or understood everything at the beginning, yet by the end of it I understand everything really well and know that I could apply that knowledge myself. I feel like I’m being encouraged to think for myself. This means that I am constantly thinking but I’m being encouraged to think differently from how I have previously which is encouraging my learning.

"The change between undergraduate and postgraduate has been quite tremendous, as I now push myself harder, I’ve even asked for extra work from my lecturers because I’ve enjoyed the classes so much. There’s only one compulsory module across the whole course so I truly choose which path I take. The workload is a lot higher than at undergraduate level, but because I want it to be, I want to be able to find out more information, and push myself.

"My classes are with undergraduates for lectures, and then I have seminars with postgraduates. This means that I not only get to mix with a lot of different people but my seminars have no more than three people in which really helps develop relationships with staff.

"In regard to the work to life ratio of a postgraduate, I think it is very much up to yourself to ensure that you create a balance, I’ve forced myself to take a break and go and see friends, but I also get to socialise with people off my course whilst doing group work for our classes which is great.

"Outside of my course I have been fortunate to be offered jobs with the University, there are regular guest talks by various linguists on various subjects, and there are extra classes I can take. In addition to this I also have had the opportunity to attend various job fairs and the like with the Students’ Union."

Postgraduate community

"As part of my faculty, we have access to a basement where postgraduate students can work throughout the day. This creates a community-like feel as everyone in there is in a similar position to yourself. You see the same people every day and create friendships with them. This is really helpful as you can bounce ideas off each other and discuss things related to your course.

"I’m also a Course Representative so I get to attend the Student Staff Committee. This lets me mix with other Course Reps and Staff and discuss any issues which might be affecting my course mates or myself which is really helpful."

Funding my studies

"I have partially self-funded, and partially taken out a loan from my Mum to fund my studies. I worked throughout all three years of my undergraduate degree, and I saved up as much of that money as possible. I also work now, to help fund my living costs and rent whilst at Newcastle."

Career aspirations

"I'm not entirely sure what I want to do at the moment. I really love the idea of a career in law, but I also love linguistics. By studying at Newcastle I am fulfilling my passion for linguistics before deciding on a definite career path. However, there are so many transferable skills I am learning, such as critical thinking, project management, and written skills. These are vital for a career in law and help broaden my knowledge."


"I found a room online and emailed the landlord, he rang me the next day and I went to look around the house. After various viewings at other properties, this one looked homely and was in a good location and within my budget. I now live with six other second year undergraduate students. It was fairly easy to sort out my accommodation, I just needed some time to go and look around the various properties before I made my decision."

Living in Newcastle

"My favourite thing about Newcastle is the friendliness. Everyone in Newcastle is so friendly and willing to make conversation. I also really like that there are so many things to do. There’s loads of places to eat, to go out on an evening, and spend your time. I would definitely recommend it to friends.

“My friends and family from home love to come up on weekends. My favourite places to go would be Grainger Market for a look round all the different shops, the Quayside for drinks, and Grey Street for a nice meal."

Remembering Newcastle

"The highlight of my experience so far has been how much I have been encouraged to think for myself. I have been able to decide which areas interest me the most within linguistics and focus on them."