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Arts, Business and Creativity MA

Full and part time

This course provides an entrepreneurial education for graduates. It will suit those interested in developing and managing a business or working freelance in creative industries.

Business and Management MPhil, PhD

Full and part time

Our Business and Management MPhil and PhD programmes aim to develop rigorous scholars who can advance both academic knowledge and business practice.

Cross-Cultural Communication and International Management MA

Full and part time

The Cross-Cultural Communication and International Management MA provides theoretical, research and practical training in international and intercultural communication and international business management. It celebrates diversity in cultural contexts. It focuses on the skills, competences and knowledge necessary to work in today's global business environment.

E-Business (E-Marketing) MSc

Full time

Our E-Business (E-Marketing) MSc combines e-business with marketing, sales and customer service to address the customer relationship cycle.

E-Business (Information Systems) MSc

Full time

Our E-Business (Information Systems) MSc will develop your technical and business skills to differentiate your career in the modern corporate world.

E-Business MSc

Full time

Our E-Business MSc combines leading technology with business strategies, entrepreneurship and organisational behaviour. It will prepare you to succeed in the modern business world.

Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship MSc

Full time

This course meets the needs of knowledge-based, entrepreneurial and innovation-driven economies. It explores the strategies and business processes that promote innovation and creativity in organisations.

International Business Management MSc

Full time

Our MSc will suit those looking to study business with an international focus. It will enable you to develop a career within business management.

International Marketing MSc

Full time

Our course allows you to gain a thorough understanding of marketing theories and how to apply them to real world business challenges.

Management and Business Studies (Research) MA, PGDip

Full and part time

Our Management and Business Studies (Research) MA is designed to provide you with the essential skills as well as the advanced knowledge and understanding of business and management to proceed to doctoral research.

Master of Business Administration MBA

Full time

Our full time MBA will push you beyond your boundaries with experience-based learning, immersive business experiences, industry exposure, and corporate projects.

Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc

Full time

Our course provides in-depth knowledge of the major areas that underpin the operations and supply chain. It explores how an integrated approach can impact on businesses.

Operations Management (Dual Award) MSc/MSc

Full time

This course is a unique dual award degree. It provides you with the opportunity to engage with the study of operations management.

Research Training PGCert

Full and part time

This course equips you with the knowledge, understanding, skills and aptitudes to undertake advanced research. This includes doctoral research in the social sciences, arts and humanities, or in either the public or private sector.

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