Media and Public Relations MA


Student Profile

About me

Name: Siyu

Course: Media and Public Relations MA

Study mode: Full time

Where I’m from: China


Choosing postgraduate study

"I wanted to experience a different life, and I did not study media before. As I worked in the media industry, I wanted to improve my knowledge in this field as well as wanting to broaden my horizons. Studying media will help with my career plans, to work in media. I love the subject and hope to improve my skills."

Choosing Newcastle

"I really love this city, people who live here are very lovely and kind. It is a good place to study and live. Also, I find the staff on my course helpful, which is important as I have never studied media before."

Studying at Newcastle

"I really love my teachers, they always share lots of interesting things and some knowledge I never heard before. My favourite module is media analysis because it links to the area of work I am interested in. And definitely, I will recommend my course to my friends!

"The postgraduate environment is good and comfortable and I find the staff very patient. In the beginning, I found it quite tough because English is not my first language but over time I am learning to communicate better. Meeting other students from different places around the world has also helped me improve my communication skills."

Postgraduate Community

"At first I was not so confident but through meeting other students, but I soon felt welcome and my confidence increased. Studying with friendly students from all over the world made me feel part of the postgraduate community. I find the staff very helpful and always quick to respond when I have any issues."


"I live in private rented accommodation which I found through a letting agency. I enjoy living with other students."

Living in Newcastle

"I enjoy the food and local people, they are so nice! I also like the nightlife here, I enjoy going out with my friends."

Career aspirations

"I have gained a lot of professional knowledge from the modules on my course and useful skills that can help me to find a job in television."


"My main advice is to pick a course you are really interested in, don’t follow the crowd. I would also say that accommodation is another important thing to think about, make sure you pick the right one for you. Finally make sure the university city is one that you will enjoy."