Medical Sciences MSc

Student Profile

About me

Name: Elliot
Course: Medical Sciences MSc
Study mode: Full time
Where I’m from: UK

Choosing Newcastle

"Upon completing my Bachelor’s degree I was sure that I was committed to academia, and that I would eventually complete my PhD after a number of years. However when presented with the opportunity of doing a Master’s degree I decided to go ahead with it, to ensure that I really was as committed to science and learning as I thought I was.

"I decided upon Newcastle University because I had done my undergraduate degree here, and found both my degree and the University to be a very enjoyable and memorable experience."

Studying at Newcastle

"I enjoy the mix of intense, knowledge based lectures, coupled with the emphasis on independent study, in which we are encouraged to read further afield and engage with material which is not presented in our lectures. This gives me a sense of directional and focused learning, with the addition of being able to hone in on the areas which really interest me, both through the modules available and also within the modules, when you can hone in on more specific areas.

"I would (and do) recommend the course to many of my peers."

"I have noticed that the workload has increased significantly (or perhaps I have decided to work more than I had at undergraduate level), but it is not a troublesome increase. Given that I actively enjoy my time in the library to reinforce my knowledge I feel as though postgraduate study mimics the process of stepping out of GCSEs and into A-levels, in the sense that the workload has increased, and it is harder – but less tedious.

"The class size on my current degree programme is considerably smaller than it had been in the past (currently 10-40 people per lecture, as opposed to 150+), which I find much better in terms of building a personal relationship with the lecturers, as well as my fellow students."

Postgraduate community

"At the start of the year I engaged in a very entertaining postgraduate bar crawl across Newcastle during the Welcome Week, in which I made a number of current friends, and I also used to frequent the postgraduate common room in the Medical School where I would talk to a number of my colleagues. That room is under refurbishment until Christmas but in this time I have been making good use of the Ridley Atrium which provides a fantastic space for staff and students to take their breaks."

Funding my studies

"I was very kindly awarded the Postgraduate Opportunity Scholarship by Newcastle University which was advertised on their Facebook page, and via mass emails from the School.

"The Postgraduate Opportunity Scholarship provided me with 20% discount on fees as an alumnus, £10,000 with which to pay my course fees (£4,800) and my accommodation (around £3,000), with the rest being used to pay for other living costs. Without this funding I would not have been able to enrol on my course."

Career aspirations

"Provided I continue to feel passionately about my current work, I will aim to start a PhD this time next year within the area of cancer immunology. Given that my modules for this year include ‘Applied Immunobiology of Human Disease’ and ‘Cancer Studies’, Newcastle University is providing a solid foundation for me to build my knowledge in this area, whilst providing an excellent Careers Service which will help me build applications and prepare for interviews."


"I currently live in shared halls of residence in the private sector, which was incredibly easy to arrange, and is very affordable. I found out about it through a friend who told me about it and asked me to go to look at it with him. Within the halls, there’s a mix between undergraduates and postgraduates."

Living in Newcastle

"The best part about living in Newcastle is how everything is localised and compact. From where I live in Fenham it is a short 10 minute walk to the University, the city centre, and my place of work.

"There is a surplus of things to do with your free time within and around the city, from general activities such as bowling, the cinema and art galleries, to more specific venues such as the Centre for Life, the Lit and Phil, and countless niche restaurants and cafes. One place I particularly like to go is a comedy club called The Stand, which has a lot of independent comedians and I’d definitely recommend it!"

Remembering Newcastle

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the overall experience of having more freedom in my learning, and so the highlight of my experience is being able to read what interests me, without feeling as though my time could be better spent."