Museum Studies MA, PGDip

Ruth C

Student Profile

About me

Name: Ruth
Course: Museum Studies MA,PGDip
Study mode: Full time
Where I'm from: UK

Choosing Newcastle

"I made the decision to leave school teaching (having taught History for seven years) and pursue a career in the museums/heritage sector. When applying for museum jobs last year it became clear that having a relevant Masters degree would greatly improve my chances of getting a job in the sector."

Studying at Newcastle

"I like the mixture of theory and practical and the broad range of topics that we study. I would recommend it to those who wish to pursue a career in the heritage sector.

"This course has more contact time than my undergraduate study and I have appreciated that. The workload has been heavy at certain points – three assessments were due in a short space of time before Christmas. I am easily able to manage the workload, but feel this is due to the experience that I have of working full time in a very demanding job. There are two month placement opportunities on the course; I am going to The Net in North Shields to work on exhibitions which will broaden my skillset. There have been a lot of opportunities to do practicals and hear from outside speakers, most of whom are museum professionals."

Career aspirations

"I am pursuing a career change into education within the cultural sector. I aim to gain a Learning and Outreach Officer post (or similar) at a local museum/heritage site. The MA in Museum Studies seems essential in order to be considered for these roles as I was unable to even gain an assistant learning post before beginning my studies, despite my extensive teaching experience."

Living in Newcastle

"Newcastle is a vibrant and busy city with lots to do and see; I like that it is big enough to have everything that you would want but not so big that you can’t get around easily. I love being so close to the coast and the Northumberland countryside, I often have days out there."

Remembering Newcastle

"We took part in a practical which involved evaluating an exhibition and I enjoyed interacting with the public and interviewing people to gain their thoughts on it. I have also enjoyed the study visits to museums and sites, which are important parts of our course of study."