Professional Translation for European Languages MA


Student Profile

About me

Name: Laura

Course: MA Professional Translation for European Languages

Study mode: Full time

Where I’m from: Britain

Choosing postgraduate study

“I found a great passion for translation when studying French at undergraduate level, so I chose to do a postgraduate qualification in order to broaden my skills and knowledge in my chosen field. Studying a postgraduate degree can enhance career prospects and I recognise that employers are increasingly beginning to value those who complete a postgraduate degree and even trusting them with greater responsibility in the workplace. Moreover, I acknowledge that by studying a postgraduate degree, I will develop skills that will support me through daily life, such as time management, researching, presentation and writing skills.”

Choosing Newcastle

“Of all the universities which offer a postgraduate degree in translation studies, Newcastle seemed to place more emphasis on the practical and professional aspects of the degree, something which I was greatly attracted to. The University sets up a very secure foundation for students to enter into a job or a PhD when finishing their studies and it is very reassuring that all students are offered career’s advice up to 3 years after finishing their degree. Notably, this University offers an incredible trip where students get the chance to visit the EU institutions in Brussels, something which I have not seen offered among other universities.”

Studying at Newcastle

“When starting the course, I loved being introduced to such a diverse group of people from different countries and cultures and with the class sizes being a lot smaller in comparison to undergraduate, we have all had the chance to spend more time together and get to know each other better. Overall, I would definitely recommend this course to any friends looking to study a translation course which specifies in the practical and professional sides of translation.

“Inevitably, the work load has been greater in comparison to undergraduate studies, however as I find great enjoyment in translation, the work load has not been overbearing. The work is just as much enjoyable and rewarding as it is ambitious and demanding. I much prefer how my class sizes are significantly smaller, as students are able to build a closer relationship with each other. Furthermore, due to the small class sizes, I have felt a closer relationship with my personal tutor who has always been available to talk to if I have encountered any problems or issues.”

Postgraduate Community

“I definitely feel part of a postgraduate community as my classmates and I have made use of the common room almost every day where we can chat and socialise outside of contact hours. The common room has also been a great place to meet postgraduate students on other courses. A lot of my friends and I also use the Language Resource Centre between lectures where we can work together in small groups and catch up on work.”


“Having lived abroad for 3 years when studying my undergraduate degree, I decided to live back at home with my parents in order to save money and spend some time with my friends and family. I do, however, have many course mates who have mentioned how easy sorting accommodation was, with some living in student halls and some flat-sharing.”

Living in Newcastle

“I would definitely recommend Newcastle to my friends. One of the things I’ve always loved about Newcastle is how it is such a small city but there is so much to do – thanks to the public transport, you can have access to theatres, restaurants, cinemas and the beach. The nightlife has always been a key attraction for many students with an array of bars and clubs with many bars offering salsa dancing nights, themed fancy dress nights and celebrity appearances.”

Funding my studies

“As a British National, I signed up for a student loan using Student Finance England. During the first few months of studying my course, I did have a part time job working in retail in order to save money. However, I did quit in order to focus on my studies.

“I received funding information from the University via email prior to starting the course, including help to set up an account with Student Finance England. The University was also very helpful in allowing me to set up my loan payments so that they would coincide with my Student Finance payments, ensuring that I would always be able to pay the course fees.”

Career aspirations

“After graduating this year, I hope to find a job in translation, either in the UK or overseas. The fact that my course has a primary focus on professional translation and teaching, students are introduced to the practical skills required in employment, I feel confident that I will land a dream career. Along with many other students, I appreciate how the University offers 3 years career advice after graduating.”

Remembering Newcastle

“The highlight of the whole course has definitely been making friends that I know I’ll stay in contact with for the rest of my life. The small postgraduate community allows everyone to form a great friendship with each other and being a local from Newcastle, I was able to show all other students the great scenes Newcastle has to offer.”


“I would definitely recommend searching on Facebook for postgraduate groups and groups specific to your course as you will be able to meet people prior to starting lectures. This was one way in which I made friends on my course and it made me feel more comfortable walking into a new environment with people I had already socialised with.”