Restorative Dentistry MClinDent


Student Profile

About me

Name: Ragunathan
Course: Restorative Dentistry MClin Dent
Study mode: Full time
Where I’m from: India

Choosing Newcastle

"Patient exposure was a major factor that I had considered while choosing a university, and since the School of Dental Sciences is attached to the Newcastle Dental Hospital I was attracted to studying there. I expected the best kind of teaching."

Studying at Newcastle

"It has been a pleasurable experience from the beginning especially with the friendly staff that constantly strive to provide the best postgraduate experience I could ask for. The University on the whole is quite large with many schools, the quality of teaching is quite exceptional and the equipment we use is of top notch quality giving you great value for studying here.

"Postgraduates have a lot of deadlines. Compared to undergraduate study, the atmosphere is more of a colleague to colleague interaction, which I much prefer."

Postgraduate Community

"The community here is quite diverse and I am very happy that I have mates who are from different parts of the world. It’s easy for you to meet and get to know people from varied backgrounds which will help you grow professionally and help with your people skills. I socialise with people in my department."

Funding my studies

"A University representative in India told me about several funding options. I would never have known about my scholarships if I had not had that conversation with her. I am a self-funded candidate but am grateful to the University that I was offered the ‘Great Scholarship’ which helped me a long way financially. This took £3,000 off my fees."

Career aspirations

"I aspire to be a specialist in the field of restorative dentistry. With my previous experience of general dentistry I feel restorative dentistry has opened my eyes to so many things which previously I had been unaware of. I wish to sit the Royal College exams towards the end of my studies in one of the core specialities."


"I live in private accommodation near the University which is just a small walk away and very close to the city centre. I live in Jesmond, which I would recommend because it’s a quiet place and it’s only a 15 minute walk from campus. It is connected by Metro and regular buses."

Living in Newcastle

"The experience is one of a kind and I would recommend it to my young colleagues who aspire to come to this city. It is a small city but beautiful. There are so many parks and places you can visit in the city which will make your trip worthwhile. I usually walk because every day it is a scenic walk with beautiful colours and sights. The city is quite safe and there are no issues anyone needs to worry about. There are many spots across the city that you can go to and the nightlife in the city is one of the best in the country and there is something for everyone here."

Remembering Newcastle

"I will keep Newcastle really close to my heart because this was the first time I had lived outside my city. For me Newcastle is home now. The people are very friendly and have the time to help you out if you are in need. For me personally it was a big learning curve in terms of the patients I treat and the people I learnt from. The experience is one of a kind crossing from the Quayside via the Millennium Bridge to the Sage, all are sights you would definitely not want to miss once you are in the city. Newcastle has been for me so far one of the best experiences and the highlight of my professional and personal life. A few things can be learnt from books but you can rest assured that the experience will live with you for a lifetime.

"A highlight for me has been the opportunity to work with equipment I’ve never used before".