Meet Charlie from the UK

Choosing Newcastle

"I chose Newcastle because of the supervisory team available for my chosen area of research."

Studying at Newcastle

"I really enjoy the freedom to focus on my chosen area and build my own research project.

"As part of my PhD I have spent a lot of time performing research in the field. For me this has meant about 10 months’ work studying coral reefs in the Caribbean. Aside from the obvious plus points to Caribbean fieldwork, the experience gained from designing, planning and executing research trips in remote or distant locations is hugely valuable and is something you often take for granted at earlier stages of your learning. The people you meet and the contacts you make along the way is another thing that you often don’t think about until you start building up a long list of useful people to know who are often up to some very interesting things which you might be able to get involved in.

"Postgraduate study involves much more responsibility and freedom regarding your own work. You are treated as an equal by your supervisors and get to know them on a more personal level."

Postgraduate Community

"There are plenty of opportunities to interact with fellow PhD students. I work in an office with 10 others working on a range of subject areas and it always very interesting discussing everyone’s research."

Funding my studies

“I am fully funded for my studies by an external body called the Fisheries Society of the British Isles (FSBI). Additionally I have applied for and received funding for fieldwork overseas. My supervisors assisted me with writing my funding proposal and selecting funding agencies to target.”

Career aspirations

“I love undertaking scientific research so I am really hoping I can continue on to a post-doctoral position. The skills and mentality that I have developed through my studies here have given me the ability to follow this path. The department encourages a lot of interaction between students and staff and through spending time with others who have already achieved this I have a much better understanding of what I need to make this step.”

Living in Newcastle

"The amount going on in the city given its size is great plus you don’t have to travel far at all to get into the countryside or out to the coast."

Remembering Newcastle

"I will remember Newcastle as a supportive and productive place for research with opportunities to try pretty much anything under the sun outside of work!"