Student Profile

About me

Name: Nawatat
Course: International Business Management MSc
Study mode: Full time
where I'm from: Thailand

"Positive-thinker could be a good word used to represent me. I believe that “being positive can result in happiness” and “doing best can lead to being great”. Every possibility starts from myself.

Choosing postgraduate study

"After I have been working for over 3 years, I found that I need further education in order to develop my skills and competencies. Postgraduate study is also a key that allows me to go further and higher in career paths. To challenge myself, I decided to study overseas, to live and learn in totally different language and culture. I believe that this could be one of the best experiences in my lifetime."

Choosing Newcastle

"I feel that Newcastle is really fit to me in many aspects. The first one is that modules offered by Newcastle University Business School are really what I want to learn. Also, the university itself has demonstrated wide connections by expanding internationally, for instance in Malaysia and Singapore, which could be very beneficial for graduates in future work. Moreover, the university is famous for high-ranking of students’ satisfaction and top in research. Last but not least, Newcastle is a lively and colourful city including a number of restaurants and entertainments. Everything I need is in walking-distance. I love transportation in Newcastle, there are buses, metro, national trains, airport, and ferry at the coast."

Studying at Newcastle

"I would say the most impressive in this course is student support. As I am an international student and my first language is not English, Newcastle university provides a wide range of language support such as one-to-one tutorial, writing development centre, and series of In-sessional English classes. This is where I can develop my language skills and gain more confidence. Another support is career services that prepare students to face with the real working environment. There are lots of trainings and events as well as giving feedback for your CV.

"Here in the UK learning style is significantly different from my country. Students here are expected to think critically and write analytically which I had no idea about those before. Time management is highly important because most of time is account for independent learning and the assignments. This is a big change in my education life and it is a great chance to challenge myself."

Postgraduate community

"I love being here at Newcastle University, it is a great opportunity meeting with people from many different countries. A number of activities provided for students are excellent. The university blended students from native cultures to British cultures perfectly by getting learners involved in societies and activities in which they can meet up and build relationship between each other."

Funding my studies

"An international officer, Tzermiin Kong, from Newcastle University arranged an exclusive event in Thailand and invited offer holders to join. It was a great event that many questions about funding and applying process were asked. Lots of scholarships and alternative funding were introduced.

"After that event, I completed my online application and I got an email from Business School. The email included an offer of 5000-pound reduction towards overall tuition fee. And after I applied for the scholarship application, the university approved and issued a document of scholarship quite quickly in a week so I did not have time to be worried and excited. I am so appreciated.

"I paid the tuition fee myself with the reduction of 5000 pounds from Business Excellence Scholarship."

Career aspirations

"One reason that I made a decision studying at Newcastle University because I expect that its connections are very wide. The university has two international campuses in Asia and another new campus right at the heart of London. On top of that, the university is accredited by global standard organisations and is dealing with many multinational companies which can be beneficial for my future career in international business environment. It also offers a number of career support sessions for all students."


"Now I am living at a private accommodation just next to the Business School. I was spending more than three weeks looking for a place to live. It is not easy to make a decision because some accommodations gave small amount of information. I found that the accommodations offered by the university provided all necessary details, however, they are quite far and not very new as I saw from the website. Some interesting accommodations are also limited for European students."

Living in Newcastle

"Both Newcastle university and Newcastle city are running lots of activities throughout the year. Living in Newcastle I have never got bored at any moment. After reading a lot of books, I can reduce stress by walking down to the city centre. A number of restaurants, refreshments, desserts are sold and those are in walking-distance. And it is also very convenient to go travelling to another cities nearby, such as Edinburgh, Durham, Sunderland, York, and so on. Transportation is also my favourite since there are metro, buses, national rail, airport and ferry."

Remembering Newcastle

"I would say that at Newcastle University, in my opinion, student support is excellent especially in terms of Language support. The university concerns about the language difficulties of international students and the importance of academic writing, which can be seen as a major problem in Higher Education. Also the Business school itself has been a great place to gain business experience since lots of activities and lectures about current business environment are offered every month."


"This is an amazing university ever. Lots of things happened beyond my expectations. In terms of both academic study and social life, they have been super great. This is not just the place where you just come and study, you will be engaged with activities, events, trainings, clubs and societies, academic support, career service, and so on.
I would say that my favourite here is support. Even though Postgraduate education mostly relies on individual work, however, you will always be supported in many ways and will never feel alone. University is wholeheartedly willing to help."