Synthetic Biology MSc

Student Profile

About me

Name: Richard
Course: Synthetic Biology MSc
Study mode: Full time
Where I’m from: Britain

Choosing Newcastle

"The only other university that did a Synthetic Biology Master’s was Edinburgh and I liked Newcastle University more. The cost of living is lower and the accommodation is better. Everything is much more collective as you are in walking distance to all the facilities you need."

Studying at Newcastle

"I most enjoy the practical focus of my course because this makes it more interesting and more interactive. Asides from lectures we work on computers, learning programming. Overall I thoroughly enjoy the course and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

"I prefer working at Newcastle to my previous university with my bachelor’s degree because we get our own computers assigned to us. This allows me to manage even more of my workload and means I work in the same area as my classmates where I can receive further support whilst completing work. There are also more opportunities available in regards to societies (free membership) and increased opportunities to attend careers fairs. Although, the timetable does contain more early starts which is a negative."

Postgraduate community

"My relationship with my lecturers is more personal and everyone is friendly and eager to help out compared to in my undergraduate degree, therefore we make use of the communal areas more often. However, as the timetable is rather full it is more difficult to take on extracurricular activities, although I do manage to find time to go for coffee with course mates."

Funding my studies

"The University regularly sent emails about scholarships before I started my course. I got information about the Postgraduate Opportunities Scholarship through email and I found out about it online. I am funding my studies with a scholarship and support from my mum."

Career aspirations

"As a result of my MSc I am going to further my career in my selected field in either research or industry. Newcastle University is helping me achieve this through networking opportunities and advice from the Careers Service who have helped me by looking at my LinkedIn profile and proofing that."


"I am in University accommodation, which is very accessible and makes it easier to get to and from University. I live in Leazes Parade postgraduate accommodation; I’m about ten minutes away from everything. Although it took a while and some effort on my part to finalise my accommodation arrangements I am happy with where I am living."

Living in Newcastle

"I enjoy how close everything is in the city, this makes it very convenient to get around. I also enjoy the range of entertainment options available throughout the city very close to my accommodation therefore I would recommend living here. Newcastle has a good comedy scene, for example, in a week or two I am going to see Bill Bailey at City Hall."

Remembering Newcastle

"The highlight of my time as a postgraduate so far has been making new friends and finally getting to learn about the subject that I am interested in."