Translating and Interpreting MPhil, PhD


Student Profile

About me

Name: Lena
Course: Translating and Interpreting MPhil, PhD
PhD Title: Paratexts in English and German translations of books banned by the Chinese Government 
Study Mode: Full time
Where I'm from: Germany

Choosing Newcastle

"I chose Newcastle University for my PhD because of the good reputation of its Translating and Interpreting programmes with Chinese. Since my first contact with my (back then potential) supervisor, I felt most welcome and was encouraged to apply. In addition, even before I applied I was made aware of funding opportunities and received much support for the applications from the School of Modern Languages. Besides the good reputation of the University with its facilities and the city, it was the feeling of support and valuing my knowledge and talents that made me choose Newcastle University."

Studying at Newcastle

"I absolutely love doing a PhD in translation studies. Despite the hard work, it is very rewarding and inspiring. I especially enjoy our small but friendly community of postgraduate research students, who are always supportive and fun to have a break with in the common room. But more than that, I feel that the support I get from staff and especially my supervisors makes a huge difference to my studies, because you never feel alone or lost. I would recommend the course to any of my friends without hesitation. For me, I couldn’t have found a better course at a better School.

"As I am doing a research degree I don’t really have any classes besides the HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences) faculty research training. In terms of workload, that is up to the individual student, but as I have to complete my project within 3-4 years and should aim to publish articles and present papers at conferences, the workload is relatively high. As I am also teaching Chinese-English translation for Masters students, it can be stressful at times, but everyone at the School tries to ensure that the teaching doesn’t impact my research. I think that finding a good working pattern and structuring your days and work right from the beginning of the course is essential for successfully completing a PhD.

"What I really like about doing my PhD in the UK are the opportunities offered by the research environment, both within the University and throughout the UK. There are so many lectures, conferences, workshops, translation masterclasses etc throughout the year, which I find very inspiring and rewarding. No matter whether it is directly connected to my studies or not, I like having the opportunity to learn something new and meet new people within my field. And of course, the financial support research students receive from the School to use these opportunities is a great help – we get £250 per year to use on travelling to conferences, workshops and other relevant events/activities."

Postgraduate Community

"The postgraduate community within the School of Modern Languages is amazing. Everyone is so nice and we often meet for a tea, or lunch and a chat in the common room to relax from our studies. In addition, you always meet new PhD students with interesting projects through the HASS research training. The contact with the leaders of the modules that I teach on is very good. Whenever I have a question or a problem, they are always there to help. For me this is very important, as I don’t have any previous teaching experience."

Funding my studies

"I was informed of different funding available (both internal and external) and received a lot of help from my (then still potential) supervisors when writing my applications. I received a partial scholarship from the School of Modern Languages in addition to them offering me paid teaching. I applied for extra funding and also saved money to pay for tuition fees."

Career aspirations

"Once I graduate I hope to find a position at a university in the UK that allows me to do further research in the field of translation studies alongside teaching. The support I receive at Newcastle University is invaluable for my future career, such as the introduction to learning and teaching in higher education workshop and certificate, as well as the chance to teach whilst doing my PhD."


"I live in a house which is managed by NUstudenthomes with three other postgraduates. I just renewed my contract for another year, because the house is very nice, the price is very good and the location is close to the university and major supermarkets with good bus links.

"I applied online through the University’s website when I was still in Germany. I have to say, it couldn’t have been easier!"

Living in Newcastle

"I really like Newcastle, because it is a beautiful and very friendly city. I think it is an ideal city for students, as it offers a large variety of culture, shopping and nightlife, but isn’t so large that you get lost. I also like that it is close to the sea and is on the main train routes, so that you can reach many cities within an hour or two. Newcastle has something to offer to every student, also for non-party-animals like me."

Remembering Newcastle

"I’ve only recently started my PhD, but already having two papers accepted for conferences is pretty amazing. I am sure that in the following three years more highlights will come."