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2% Tuition Fee Discount

Value of award

2% off annual tuition fee


Get a 2% discount off your annual tuition fees by paying them up front and in full.


Eligibility Criteria

To get this discount you will need to pay your annual tuition fees in full before the end of registration week.

The discount applies to the proportion of fees you are personally responsible for.  Eg if you are part sponsored you will receive the discount on the fees that you pay.  Your sponsor will not receive the discount.

Part sponsorship example:

PCGE and Master of Architecture (MArch) Students

UK/EU students can receive the 2% discount on their annual tuition fee if they pay on or before the 27 November 2017. If you are fully sponsored then you are not eligible for the discount. If you are part sponsored the discount applies to the fee that you pay - see above example.

International students undertaking a PGCE or MArch course will need to pay their annual fees in full during registration week to take advantage of the 2% full payment discount.

How to apply

The discount will be applied automatically when you pay your annual tuition fee in full.

Eligible Courses