MCH8003 : Film Production 2

Semester 2 Credit Value: 20
ECTS Credits: 10.0


The aims of this module are both technical and conceptual. Building on the knowledge and learning gained from module I, module II takes the student into more advanced digital media study and practice. They will learn about transmedia, cross-platform content, game/film convergence and how to create apps to extend content across the new digital spectrum. They will take on a project, either individually or in groups, and create a strategy and platform to extend narrative and build interactive content via social media or interactive film.

Digital film is now part of a complex connected content metaverse that can convey emotion, experience and information to a global, connected and often participatory audience. Students will acquire the ability to convey information through this new visually oriented metaverse and understand that this is a two-way communication. Having acquired an understanding of traditional film and television methods from module I, they will build on this to explore and understand current and future developments in extended digital media. They will learn and apply this knowledge to new narrative formats for mobile, internet and interactive consumption.

The audience is constantly evolving in the way they interact with media and the way they interact with each other. Students will become familiar with the new extended digital film toolbox and learn how best to use these techniques via practical application.

Designed and structured to equip students with all the tools needed to create and deliver extended film content in the new converged metaverse, this module builds on module I by focusing on the techniques required for interactive narratives, transmedia and advanced concepts in social media storytelling and engagement. From concept through to production and distribution, students will be taught the latest techniques for cross-platform and interactive delivery and how to extend traditional documentary into new media.

Outline Of Syllabus

The syllabus will take the students through every aspect of advanced digital filmmaking, content creation and dissemination. It will include:

•       Conceptual understanding of transmedia, cross platform and interactive narrative and how to build these into different formats according to the subject matter.
•       Introduction to mobile and social media
•       Scriptwriting techniques and formats for advanced factual production
•       Digital content platform development
•       Content creation for advanced mobile and internet delivery
•       Masterclass sessions with visiting industry professionals
•       Advanced distribution techniques via internet and mobiles

Teaching Methods

Teaching Activities
Category Activity Number Length Student Hours Comment
Scheduled Learning And Teaching ActivitiesLecture51:005:00N/A
Scheduled Learning And Teaching ActivitiesPractical51:005:00N/A
Scheduled Learning And Teaching ActivitiesSmall group teaching151:0015:00Group learning
Scheduled Learning And Teaching ActivitiesSmall group teaching51:005:00Tutorials
Scheduled Learning And Teaching ActivitiesSmall group teaching51:005:00Seminars
Guided Independent StudyIndependent study1165:00165:00N/A
Teaching Rationale And Relationship

The student projects will be the principal module deliverables. This will be a show case of the skills and knowledge they have acquired and help to demonstrate their abilities and employability in creative digital media. This module is intended to develop their creative, technical and entrepreneurial skills to equip them to find employment in the creative industries, or that they can apply new creative processes to their specialist subject areas. Using a project as the basis of learning outcomes will engage the students with close to real world scenarios and help build their problem solving and creative abilities with the knowledge and techniques they have acquired. Students will be encouraged to think out of the box and deliver original project work of professional quality. Lectures will be used to deliver knowledge and professional insight so they have a thorough grounding in extended and cross platform digital content. The techniques used to deliver effective transmedia will also be covered. Seminars will be used to show them examples of the best work in film across cinema, television, internet and mobile. Tutorials will be used to familiarise students with the technical aspects of digital delivery. Fieldwork sessions will immerse students in the practicalities of research, scripting, location finding and filming. Throughout the module, students will be encouraged to think out of the box and deliver original project work of professional quality and creativity.

Assessment Methods

The format of resits will be determined by the Board of Examiners

Other Assessment
Description Semester When Set Percentage Comment
Design/Creative proj2A80A min 5-max 10 minute film
Report2A201000 word critical project analysis
Assessment Rationale And Relationship

Project Work: Either an extended or interactive film of minimum duration 5 minutes or a functioning transmedia related website or advanced film related application for IPTV, webtv or mobile.

Assessment Rationale and Relationship

This module is designed to prepare students for employment in digital media. Whether they intend to specialize in digital media or use their acquired skills to augment their credentials in other disciplines, their project will be a showcase of their abilities and acquired knowledge and skills. The project analysis will be an indication of the level of critical analysis and understanding they have attained in their chosen area of digital content. Many digital creatives and pioneers find it hard, sometimes impossible to express themselves and their work in written format. This is why the weight of the assessment is given to the quality and originality of the actual project. Skills in project presentation are also important to future employment and hence are included in the module assessment.

Reading Lists