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You may not have heard about Geordies. By that I mean, those who come from Newcastle and its surrounding areas. They are well known for being some of the most kind and helpful people in the UK, or as I would argue, in the world.

So what is a Geordie anyway?

A Geordie is a person that comes from the North East of England, in particular Tyneside. The term defines both the people and the way they speak. According to local sources, this dialect may actually be an ancient language. In fact, the “oldest still existing form of English”. Records dating from fourth century A.D. describe how translated Anglo-Saxon communications are more similar to Geordie than modern English.

According to studies, 80% of the Geordie dictionary matches with Anglo-Saxon English, compared to 30% with modern English… so Geordie may be more representative of the traditionally spoken English language…

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published on: 30 August 2017