The secret life of a PG researcher

Whether I like it or not, doing a PhD is the most challenging period of my life. All PhD students know that well; we are leading a totally different life from anyone else. What does this life look like though?

Tubes vs patients

When people hear that I am working on actual clinical trials in a field called “Clinical Pharmacology”, they imagine patients all around me, swallowing drugs I give them. The truth is I am only ‘playing’ with their samples in the lab and their data in my computer. Looking after these data is equally important though. If not for them, for the scientific community, for my supervisor, the University and the funder of the clinical study. Most of all, they are essential for completing my research work and contribute to better understanding their therapy needs. Okay, okay… Enough with the “scientific terminology”, let’s get to easier concepts...

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Published by Emma - Pharmacology PhD

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published on: 30 August 2017