Things to do in and around Newcastle: four top tips

Newcastle is such a fantastic city to live in; there is so much going on you are never short of something to do.

Having spent nearly five years living and studying here, I’ve done lots of exploring and found some amazing places and things to do. Here are some of my top tips and favourite places to explore.

Tyneside Cinema

Right in the middle of the town, the Tyneside Cinema is a great place to watch a film at. Cheaper tickets for students, big comfy chairs with lots of leg room, and one of the screens is in an old theatre, what’s not to love? The Tyneside Bar Café next door serves amazing food (the chocolate brownie is incredible), and is a great place to grab a coffee or a drink in the evening...

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Published by Izi - Medical Sciences MRes

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published on: 30 August 2017