Make The Most Of It!

Make the most of it!

University is a great opportunity to try new activities, make new friends and get involved in a wide variety of things outside of your studies. Joining in is a great way to make friends when you first start university. Why not try societies, volunteering, new sports, music, being a student representative, learning new skills, being a student ambassador, doing a placement year, participating in an exchange?
As well as being enriching and exciting, all of these opportunities help you to become more employable, contribute to a healthy study / life balance and give you skills and interests that last a lifetime. And they are great fun. Curious? Find out more from our Ncl+ website or visit the Students’ Union website. Or follow Newcastle University on Instagram or Snapchat to see what’s going on.
Amir says “I wish I had taken part in more activities from the start. Three years pass by so quickly- I can hardly believe it!”