Press Office

Birch-Machin Mark

Professor Mark Birch-Machin

Professor of Molecular Dermatology

Areas of expertise

Specialist expertise:
  • Skin cancer. Genetics of skin cancer. Pigmentation, skin colour. Tanning.
  • Sunburnt DNA, Mitochondrial DNA UV rays
  • Photoageing Anti-oxidants in cosmetics Anti-Oxidants in the diet and the benefit on skin Dangers of high altitude living/leisure regarding sun exposure
  • Sun awareness, the effects of sunlight on human skin, and the effectiveness of sunscreens
Previous media experience:
  • International (Canada) and National Television (incl ITV1 tonight with Trevor McDonald, BBC2 (Truth about food), Yorkshire TV (Makeovers from Hell), ITV1: This morning ITV, ITV1 Northern Eye. Sky news, News 24
  • National Radio
  • Newspapers
  • Beauty Magazines incl Marie-Claire, Grazia