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Davies Richard

Professor Richard Davies

Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Engagement and Internationalisation

Richard Davies

Areas of expertise

An internationally recognised petroleum geologist, Professor Richard Davies started his career with various postings in the UK and abroad in the oil and gas industry, mainly with ExxonMobil.

He left industry in 2003 to pursue an academic career.  He led an international team to show that the Lusi mud volcano in Indonesia that caused 13 fatalities and displaced 40,000 people was triggered by poor execution of drilling practices.  In 2013 he set up ‘ReFINE’ (Researching Fracking in Europe) to carry out independent research on the concerns that society have raised around the potential environmental impacts of fracking. In terms of research output it’s one of the largest research consortia of its kind in the world.  He is neutral on fracking, simply getting research data into the public domain. The consortium is fiercely independent.  He’s engaged with all stakeholders, from the local town hall to No 10.