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Dogs for Welfare Pilot Scheme

We are excited to announce that the 'Dogs for Welfare' Pilot Scheme will be staring on Tuesday 2nd July 2019 in the School of Psychology.

There will be a pet dog in the School for one day per week.  Initially this will be a Tuesday and it will be Dr Lucy Robinson's 4 year old Border Terrier, Sammie.  If you would like to visit Sammie, information about 'drop-in' times will be posted at the School Reception (4th Floor, Ridley Building 1) and also on the door of Lucy's office (5th Floor, Ridley Building 1).  There will also be a walk at lunch time around Exhibition Park and everyone is welcome to join in.  Details of the time and where to meet will be posted at Reception.

For those who would rather avoid Sammie, the sign in sheet at Reception will indicate whether she is currently in the building and which room she is in (Lucy's office is Room 5.20).  There will also be a sign on Lucy's door indicating when Sammie is in there.  Dogs are not allowed in the lift, so please use the lift to move between floors if you do not want to accidentally bump into Sammie.  Dogs are only allowed on the 5th Floor (excluding Room 5.05, the kitchen and the toilet) and in the reception area of the 4th Floor (for the purposes of signing in and out of the building).  The extension number of the office where Sammie is will be posted at Reception, so if you want to check where she is, please phone that extension number.  Lucy is happy to make sure that Sammie is in Room 5.20 and not in the corridor if you need to visit the 5th Floor but avoid seeing her.

There is a requirement for any dogs that participate in the pilot scheme to be assessed in the workplace environment and they must pass a test to demonstrate they don't react aggressively to noises or to being approached and touched by people that they do not know.  Sammie will be in the School on 25th June 2019 to have this assessment and she will be in Room 5.20 that day, acclimatising to the office environment.

We are excited to bring this initiative to the School and look forward to hearing your feedback.

published on: 15 June 2019