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Dr Gareth Richards - Newly appointed Teaching Fellow

One of our recent appointments in the School of Psychology is Dr Gareth Richards who has joined us as a Teaching Fellow.  Gareth is a member of the Centre for Behaviour and Evolution at Newcastle University and completed a BSc in Psychology and MSc in Research Methods in Psychology at Swansea University, and a PhD in Psychology at Cardiff University.  After this, he held two postdoctoral positions at the University of Cambridge, firstly working under the guidance of Prof Simon Baron-Cohen at the Autism Research Centre, and subsequently as a Research Associate at the Centre for Research on Play in Education, Development & Learning.  Gareth remains a Visiting Researcher at the Autism Research Centre, and is an alumnus of Trinity College, Cambridge.

Gareth’s main research interests lie within Developmental and Evolutionary Psychology.  In particular, he is interested in how prenatal exposure to sex hormones can predict variance in subsequent developmental and behavioural outcomes.  Gareth is currently investigating how foetal testosterone exposure may relate to left-handedness and traits associated with autism.  He is using a range of research methods including analysis of hormones present in amniotic fluid and umbilical cord blood, as well as the proxy indicator of second to fourth digit length ratio (2D:4D).

Gareth will be teaching on the Psychology BSc (Honours) programme, and will be Module Leader for the Stage 3 module ‘Sex Differences and the Brain’.  Gareth will supervise undergraduate and masters projects, and is always happy to hear from students that are interested in working with him. We are delighted to welcome Gareth to the school.

published on: 13 July 2018