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You are invited to join us on Friday 22nd March 2019 in Room 2.04a, Ridley Building 1, Newcastle University

Dr Catherine Crompton, Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Division of Psychiatry, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, the University of Edinburgh

Collaborative Learning in Healthy Ageing: Does Interlocutor Identity Matter?

“Learning and memory abilities decline with age, however collaborative learning with a familiar partner has been found to improve older adults’ performance on memory tasks and reduce these age-related differences.  Our research investigated whether learning with a familiar partner is more beneficial compared with collaborating with a stranger, and whether older adults collaborate similarly with human and computer partners.  This talk will explore whether collaborative learning is as efficient and accurate with a range of learning partners (e.g. computer vs. human, familiar vs. unfamiliar).  I will also discuss the cognitive mechanisms behind collaborative learning in younger and older adults, and how collaborative learning performance is related to  individual measures of memory, executive function, and social cognition.” 

Please forward any enquiries to Nicki Turner


published on: 14 March 2019