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You are invited to join us on Friday 7th February 2020 in Room 3.38, Armstrong Building, Newcastle University

Dr Georgia Pavlopoulou, UCL IOE Senior Fellow in Psychology and Mental Health

Involving Autistic People and their Families in Community Based Participatory Research

“In this talk, I will present aspects of my recent PhD and Post Doc work employing visual and community based participatory methods to work with, rather than on or for, autistic people and their families.  All my studies have employed a Lifework framework.  Lifeworld framework is an useful conceptual tool based on the idea that disability is embodied and enacted in multiple ways in the life of autistic people and their family members, viewing them in both agency and vulnerability positions across lifespan, acknowledging the experiences of wellbeing and suffering in relation to one another.  To be concerned with autistic people’s lifeworld is to uphold a humanisation view when closely examining their experiential issues beyond focusing on behavioural outcomes.  I will then present data on typically developing and autistic siblings’ experiences, perspectives and needs and sleep experiences of autistic CYP and adults.  Results reveal the daily struggles as well as several positive experiences and opportunities for wellbeing.  This message is important for parents, siblings and autistic people themselves.  I end by discussing how the presented methods and framework may be of considerable significance for the formative stages of further research in family and wellbeing disability studies.  A values-based framework for considering what practices can make autistic people and their family members feel more (or less) human could and should be is central to recent thinking of autism differences and current developments in the field.  The development of collaborative practices within the local community may enable researchers and participants to further contextualise findings within their real-life settings and, thereby enhance the translation of findings into practice and needs for future research.”

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published on: 13 January 2020