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You are invited to join us on Friday 16th November 2018 at 12pm in Room 2.04a, Ridley Building 1, Newcastle University for the following seminar:-

Dr Johannes Honekopp, Department of Psychology, Northumbria University

Do similar studies yield similar results?  Heterogeneity in the results of conceptual and close replications

Concerns for the replicability of findings in many disciplines have sparked much interest in direct replications of psychological studies over the last years.  Multiple replications of the same study (’Many Labs‘) are particularly informative but – for obvious reasons – are very rare.  However, studies summarised in a meta-analysis can be thought of as replications of each other, albeit conceptual instead of direct replications.  How similar then are the results of such studies?  To address this question we re-examined 147 meta-analysis from cognitive, organisational, and social psychology and measured heterogeneity in each, i.e. how strongly effect sizes varied across studies.  Typically, levels of heterogeneity are ignored but very high.  I discuss implications for the falsifiability of psychological theories and for our ability to turn psychological principles into successful applications and interventions. 

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published on: 11 October 2018