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Psychology Seminar Series

You are invited to join us on Friday 15th November 2019 at 12pm - 1pm in Room 2.04a, Ridley Building 1, Newcastle University

Dr Lara Warmelink, Department of Psychology, Lancaster University

 Positivity Lie Bias

“Why do people lie?  Usually people lie when they benefit somehow from the lie.  But what if that is not the case, e.g. in Psychology experiments?  I’m going to discuss a series of studies, which investigate what heuristics participants use to decide when to lie and what the content of the lie should be, in a situation where they are not rewarded for telling a specific lie.  In all studies participants had to tell the truth or lie about simple stimuli (dice, sounds).  The studies suggest that participants lie more often about more negatively rated stimuli and participants describe higher/more positive stimuli than they actually experienced in their lies.  I call this effect a ‘positive lie’ bias.  The studies also suggest that mood, culture and the amount of lies told do not significantly affect this bias. Besides the positive lie bias, anchoring bias is also present: the content of participants’ lies is influenced by the original stimulus. I’ll also discuss some ongoing research in this area and talk about future research ideas”.

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published on: 26 October 2019