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You are invited to join us on Friday 17th May 2019 in Room 2.04a, Ridley Building 1, Newcastle University

Professor Richard J. Crisp, Head of Department in the Department of Psychology, Durham University

Intergroup Contact as an Agent of Cognitive Liberalization

“Over 60 years of research in social psychology has established intergroup contact – under the right conditions – to be a key driver of tolerance and more positive intergroup relations. In this seminar I review a recent programme of work that has tested an “extended” contact hypothesis: That intergroup contact can also stimulate cognitive growth – a process referred to as cognitive liberalization. This work has demonstrated that the benefits of intergroup contact can extend beyond intergroup relations, shaping ideologies and attitudes in disparate domains, and fostering flexibility in cognition, creativity and problem-solving. This growing corpus suggests that intergroup contact is a liberalizing agent that fundamentally shapes human cognition and experience and should now share the stage with other prominent theories that speak to a broader understanding of human nature.”

Please forward any enquiries to Nicki Turner

published on: 14 May 2019