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The Spirit of Solidarity - Dr Trevor James

Date/Time: Friday 12th May, 12pm - 1pm

Venue: Room 2.04a, Ridley Building 1

In the psychological sciences, solidarity has often been treated as synonymous with helping behaviours.  In this talk, Dr James will delineate solidarity conceptually from other forms of helping and argue that solidarity can predict helping in an intergroup context. Four studies are presented.  Study 1 (N = 129) investigated whether solidarity could predict helping towards in-group members suffering from depression.  Study 2 (N = 118) utilised the context of an international flood disaster to measure the relationship between solidarity and outgroup helping.  Study 3 (N = 182) investigated the relationship between solidarity and helping towards both in group and outgroup members after a tragic road accident.  Finally, in Study 4 (N = 422), a novel psychological multi-dimensional measure of solidarity was constructed.  Study 4 presents very recent findings, with data collected as part of an undergraduate dissertation project at Newcastle.  Together, the studies suggest that solidarity can be harnessed to promote prosociality towards both in-group or outgroup members.