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Dr Elizabeth Evans

Lecturer & Degree Programme Director, MSc Foundations in Clinical Psychology


I'm a psychologist with a background in developmental psychopathology, quantitative methods and clinical research.  I have worked at Newcastle University since January 2012 as part of multidisciplinary research projects focused upon developing interventions to enhance health and wellbeing, particularly in reference to eating, weight and concomitant psychological factors.

In May 2017 I became a lecturer in the School of Psychology, a wonderful chance to integrate my research experience into teaching practice with undergraduate and postgraduate students. I continue to carry out research with my colleagues in the Institute of Health and Society and the Human Nutrition Research Centre. In September 2020 I became Degree Programme Director of the MSc Foundations in Clinical Psychology.


My research interests include body image, obesity, weight, eating behaviours and intervention development. 

I am particularly interested in how weight, eating behaviour and body image change with time. Such changes occur over childhood and adolescence, but also arise in relation to key transitions such as childbearing and ageing. I am particularly keen to discover how mechanisms of change might offer opportunities to intervene and improve people's relationships with their body and eating behaviours.  

I completed my PhD in the area of children's body image and eating behaviours at Durham University in 2012 (   

Current funded projects:

2020-2022 LG Boothroyd, EH Evans, T Thornborrow, P Diedrichs Establishing best practice in eating disorder prevention for rapidly developing populations. Wellcome Trust Seed (RF010135) £96,958


2020-2025 AJ Adamson, V Araujo Soares, BM Arnott, EH Evans, OA Oluboyede, JNS Matthews, A Jones, L Basterfield. A definitive trial of the MapMe tool and its impact on child weight. NIHR-PHR £1,722,198.82 

Past projects:

a) the NoHoW project ( March 2015 - January 2020, co-ordinating the development of an evidence base for an ICT-mediated weight loss maintenance intervention, via online surveys and in-depth qualitative interviews in 3 different countries, and a large prospective cohort study in the UK. 

b) the NULevel project (, September 2013 - August 2015, co-developing an intervention to help overweight people who have lost 5% or more of their body weight maintain this weight loss.  The intervention utilises SIM-enabled weighing scales and smartphones in order to provide rapid and personalised feedback to participants.  


I am module leader for PSY3033 (Eating disorders), PSY1008 (Personality & Abnormal Psychology), PSY8038 (Psychology & Health) and PSY8040 (Research Apprenticeship).

I teach on PSY3006 (Consumer psychology), PSY8035 (Research Methods in Applied Psychology) and PSY8036 (Cultural and Historical Issues in Clinical Psychology). I also teach second year MBBS students.

I have successfully supervised students on the BSc Psychology, MSc Foundations in Clinical & Health Psychology and MSc Public Health and Health Services Research courses and supervise a number of PhD students. If you wish to discuss the possibility of supervision, please email me for an informal discussion in the first instance.