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Dr Jessica Wiese



I obtained my PhD degree in Psychology in 2014 (Supervisor: Prof. Stefan Schweinberger) from Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany. I then held a post-doctoral position investigating Age and Ageing in Person Memory and Perception, which was carried out at the University of Jena and Durham University.

I am an experienced practitioner in the area of health psychology (UKCP Counselling/Psychotherapy Trainee, Stress Reduction Trainer, Yoga teacher). I set up and managed the the first yoga cancer support group in Durham (jn collaboration with FACT and the JGW Patterson Foundation) and been involved in the health and wellbeing agenda of several colleges as well as the wellbeing and counselling service at Durham University. 

Carrying a background in (neuro-)cognitive psychology and having worked with a wide range of clients presenting with different physical (e.g. cancer), neurological (e.g., Parkinson's) and/or mental conditions (eating disorders, anxiety), I am interested in understanding the interactions of mind and body in regard to health and disease as well as developing prevention and intervention programmes to enhance wellbeing. 


Due to the mix of my academic background and applied practical expertise, I am interested in the intersections of (neuro-) cognitive psychology, psychotherapy and body work for a deeper comprehension of physical and mental health and disease. 

Bridging the gap between (neuro-)cognitive and clinical psychology I am aiming to further an understanding of how becoming interoceptively aware, i.e. attuning the mind to the body to identify, access, understand and respond to patterns of internal signals, can facilitate an integrated sense of self and how this may constitute an embodied resource for coping mechanisms, adaptive self-regulation and resilience. 

In collaboration with the Head of Counselling at Durham University, Caroline Dower, as well as Prof. Jane Macnaughton (Medical Humanities) and Dr Emily Oliver (Sport Sciences), I am working on a research project of a body-integrative six -week session programme for students suffering from stress and anxiety.


I am currently designing a new Undergraduate module (Stage 2) to run in the next academic year:

The Body, The Mind and the Self: Interoception in Clinical and Health Psychology

For the Clinical Master programme I am designing a module to run in the next academic year:

The Body, The Mind and the Self: Interoception and Mental Health 

I will be contributing to several existing Undergraduate modules, for instance:

Psychological Enquiry - Psychological Literacy and Academic Skills 

History of Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

Eating and Weight Disorders