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Dr Jessica Wiese



I obtained my PhD degree in Psychology/Cognitive Neuroscience (Supervisor: Prof. Stefan Schweinberger) from Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany. I then held a post-doctoral position investigating Age and Ageing in Person Memory, which was carried out at the University of Jena and Durham University.

I am an experienced practitioner in health and clinical Psychology (UKCP accredited Trainee Psychotherapist, Yoga therapist & meditation teacher). I was awarded two project grants from the JGW Patterson Foundation to set up and manage the the first yoga and meditation cancer support group in Durham. I was involved in the health and wellbeing agenda of several colleges as well as the wellbeing and counselling services at Durham University. 

Carrying a background in (neuro-)cognitive psychology and having worked with a wide range of clients presenting with different physical (e.g. cancer), neurological (e.g., Parkinson's) and/or mental conditions (eating disorders, anxiety), I am interested in understanding the interactions of mind and body, i.e. interception and embodied awareness, in regards to health and disease as well as age-related changes. My research also sets out to apply this understanding to the design and development of prevention/intervention programmes which enhance mental health and wellbeing in the academic and other (clinical) contexts. 

I am an active member of the Student Mental Health Research Network (SMaRteN) Early Career Researcher Group Lead: Dr Nicola Byrom King's College London.

I am an active member of the Uncertainty in Coronavirus Research Network (UniCORN) Lead: Prof. Mark Freeston, Newcastle University.

I teach across the different Degree Programmes at the School of Psychology. 

If you have any queries, please get in touch. 


Pairing my academic background with my applied expertise as practitioner, I set out to bridge a gap between (neuro-) cognitive and clinical psychology.  I am aiming to further an understanding of how becoming interoceptively aware, i.e. attuning the mind to the body to identify, access, understand and respond to patterns of internal signals, can facilitate an integrated sense of self and serve as embodied resource for coping, emotion/self-regulation and resilience. 

Related to my experimental research expertise I am looking at the relationship of pain, cognition and interoception using neurophysiological and psychophysiological data (collaborator: Dr Quoc Young), as well as examining the interactions between interoception and emotional memory (together with Barbara-Anne Robertson). 

I am investigating the effects mindfulness training on interoceptive awareness and perceived stress in the academic context  (together with Dr Michael Atkinson) as well as how interoception and embodiment are affected by ageing and/or illness such as cancer. 

In collaboration with Caroline Dower (Head of Durham University Counselling Service), I have been working on a research project about a body-integrative programme for students suffering from anxiety.

Together with Prof Mark Freeston I am working on the role of interoception in the experience of Covid-19-related uncertainty and distress, Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder (ASAD) as well as developing a body-oriented approach to tackle Intolerance of Uncertainty. 

I ad-hoc review for several journals:

British Journal of Psychology

Biological Psychology



Journal of Affective Disorders



Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 


Module Lead:

PSY2018 The Body, The Mind and the Self: Interoception in Health and Clinical Psychology (Stage 2 UG)

PSY8079 The Body, the Mind and the Self: Interception and Mental Health (MSc Foundations in Clinical Psychology)

Module Contributions: 

PYS1001 & PSY3029 Psychological Enquiry - Psychological Literacy and Academic Skills 

PSY1007 History of Psychology

PSY3041 Sensation and Perception in Typical and Atypical Development

PSY3033 Eating and Weight Disorders

PSY8040 Research Apprenticeship 

PSY8057 Evidence-based Low Intensity treatment for Common Mental Health Disorders

PSY8064 Professional Practice in Forensic Psychology 

I am supervising research projects at Under- and Postgraduate level.