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Dr Trevor James



Module leader

PSY1011 Research Methods and Statistics (UG)

PSY2003 Social Psychology (UG)

PSY3047 The Social Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination (UG)


PSY1002 Social Psychology (UG)

PSY3097 Dissertation Supervisor (UG)

PSY8037 Dissertation Supervisor (PG)

PSY1001 Psychological Enquiry (UG)

Partner's Summer School


I am an experimental social psychologist.  My PhD was on increasing charitable donations using social priming, this was often done in the context of different national and social group memberships (social identity theory). I am currently working on projects to do with solidarity, moral foundations, and charitable helping.  

My current research focuses on the effects of the media on how people perceive social categories.  I'm particularly interested in how Islamophobia in the media can cause non-conscious biases in a variety of contexts.  This typically involves exposing participants to social media on Islamophobia and measuring the effect this has using different methods.

Finally, I also conduct pedagogical research.  I am currently developing a scale to measure how academic sheltering at school subsequently impacts on university performance, as well as how being sheltered from failure or criticism at school affects student's autonomy and module satisfaction.