School of Psychology



Psychology BSc Honours

Choosing Newcastle

It's a friendly city, with a compact campus right next to the centre. The city doesn’t feel too big to get lost in and it’s not so close that my parents can visit every weekend.

Best thing about your course

The structure allows for at least some flexibility in timing. This means there isn’t much you’ll feel left out of. 

You still have plenty of time to do your work. The teaching support is fantastic, so you get as much or as little as you need.

Recommending Newcastle

Newcastle’s a friendly city, as are the locals. The course is great. Most of the lecture material overlaps, so you can make links in your head between the different areas.

Describing Newcastle

Newcastle has a wide variety of different activities. These include surfing, shopping, art galleries and rock climbing. Most things are an easy walk away.

Clubs and societies at Newcastle

There are so many clubs and societies. The Psychology Society is one I joined. There's a wide range of social activities including cocktail training and a weekend abroad. 

I also joined the Jujitsu Club. There are fantastic people there. You can train, make friends and even compete at a national level.

Living in Newcastle

I’ve lived in two different houses in Heaton about two miles away from the University. 

It was easy to find somewhere and you don’t have to rush in to sign in one in the first semester. If you are unsure of who to live with, you can find houses still even in April.