School of Psychology



Psychology BSc Honours

Choosing Newcastle

I did a lot of research online when I was applying through UCAS and liked the look of the course. I then came to visit and loved the city and the location of the University. 

I also have family quite nearby so it seemed like the best choice. I applied during a gap year so already had my results and confirmed almost as soon as they made me an offer.

Studying at Newcastle

I enjoy the course. It is more science based than I thought. I like those modules as I did sciences at A-Level and it is where my strengths lie. 

I have enjoyed the more social modules as well. I think they're also interesting and I don't know as much about them. 

I like that we do a variety of subjects and so get a broad view of all the areas of Psychology.

We get to take part in 3rd year projects and also some of the lecturers' work. 

This is interesting and you get to learn a lot about different research methods and areas.

Facilities at Newcastle

The facilities are good. We have access to the Robinson and Medical libraries and computer clusters open 24 hours. 

We also have good lecture theatres. They record some lectures and put them online, which is helpful.

Living in Newcastle

I think Newcastle is a great city. There is always something to do or somewhere to go but it does not feel big. The shopping and nightlife is good and part of what attracted me to the city. 

Getting around is easy too. Most places are within walking distance but you can take the Metro or buses to places further afield.

In 1st year, I lived in Victoria Hall which I enjoyed. Most students tend to live in Jesmond and there are a few shops there which is useful.

Socialising at Newcastle

I spend my spare time going out with my friends and exploring new parts of the city. There's always something going on or somewhere to go so you never feel like you have nothing to do.

Best thing about Newcastle

I love the atmosphere around the University and in the city. Everyone is so friendly and there's something for everyone. 

There's lots of places to go out if you want to, but you can also stay in or go to the cinema and just hang out with friends.