School of Psychology



Psychology BSc Honours

Choosing Newcastle

Newcastle University was a nice distance from home for me. It's not too close but not too far away. I knew that the nightlife was good and had a good feeling when I came around.

Best thing about your course

I feel like I’m learning new things and have met loads of amazing people through it.

Recommending Newcastle

Definitely come to Newcastle. Throw yourself into university life and you’ll love it.  I’d recommend living away from home too.

Describing Newcastle

Everybody here is so friendly. There’s a nice atmosphere with performers in the street and music playing. 

The nightlife is amazing and so is the shopping. Everything is so close together too. 

You can get pretty much anywhere without too much trouble.

Clubs and societies at Newcastle

The societies to choose from are endless. A societies fair at the start of the term give you chance to chat to members and sign up for more information. 

I'm in the latin and ballroom societies, pole dancers, parachuters and skiers. It’s a great way to make new friends and have a few cheeky weekends away. 

Plus it means that there’s always a cool group of people up for going out and having a laugh.

Living in Newcastle 

I lived in Castle Leazes in my first year and I have no regrets. There are so many people there that you meet loads of new people and get a dinner cooked for you too.

This year I live in Jesmond, it’s great there. It’s a proper student community and you're surrounded by all your friends nearby. Houses are pretty easy to find.