School of Psychology



Psychology BSc Honours

Choosing Newcastle

The city is amazing. Everybody is so friendly and open. It’s nice how the University is compact and easy to find your way around, but still in the middle of the city. 

The shops, cafes and supermarkets are all just five minutes away. There are plenty of art galleries, big club events and shopping centres to suit any needs.

Best things about your course

The variety. At first, the level of science scared me, but the lecturers go through everything at perfect pace. Now I love it.  

We do everything from eating disorders to the perception of beauty. In second year we even got to dissect a human brain.

Recommending Newcastle

The lecturers are all so enthusiastic that if you ever need help they’re more than happy to help. 

It’s also cheap to live here, and so laid back. I could never imagine ever living back down south.

Describing Newcastle

It has an independent cinema, big club nights and a big culture scene. 

The rock music scene rivals Nottingham’s and the galleries show art for free.

Clubs and societies at Newcastle

In first year, I joined the Pole Dancing Society. I only went because of the freebies and half as a joke, but I’ve never looked back. 

Now I teach beginners and it’s so amazing helping others learn – I couldn’t imagine not doing it now.

Living in Newcastle

Second year was more difficult than third. You learn in second year though what to look out for and where the cheaper areas are. Now our third-year house is amazing. 

Newcastle is a cheap place to live though, with plenty of options of housing to suit all tastes. Also, few places are more than 30 to 40 minutes' walk into University.