About Us

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Our services involve supporting and developing all University research, commercial services, intellectual property, consultancy, and other externally funded projects. 

The value of individual projects varies from several hundred pounds to projects worth in excess of £9m.

One of our principal roles is to support academic staff to find sources of funding and then to negotiate the appropriate financial and legal relationship with the sponsor. 

Our key role is to help staff weave their way through the many regulations and policies of the diverse organisations which support project activity at the University.  Our key goal is to maximise University benefit and control risk.

We support the senior management of the University with the operation of major areas of activity related to research and third strand activities; the most obvious examples are the central administration of the Research Assessment Exercise (REF2014) and the servicing of Equity Committee. 

Overall the activities involving the Research Enterprise Services represent around 40 per cent of the University’s income and involve well in excess of 2,000 projects with 2000 partners and 700 sponsors/clients. 

We are working hard to continuously improve our processes, seeking to get the right balance between flexibility, compliance and efficiency in an increasingly regulatory and audit driven landscape. We would be grateful for all feedback on information you find useful to be included on the web-site.

Directors - Research & Enterprise Services