Research Office Structure

Research Teams

Central support for research is provided by the University Research Office (URO) and the Joint Research Office (JRO).

The UROs mission is to develop and support research which is relevant to the University's research objectives and we work in partnership with local research administrators in Faculties, Schools, Institutes and other research units as well as other professional service units, in particular with Finance and Planning.

Th URO is based in the Beehive and is led by David Hill. The team provide development, advice and support for applications for research grants and contracts in the SAgE and HASS Faculties, support for University Research Committee and development of research policy (including the REF) and information (including oversight of MyImpact and MyProjects), EU developments and KTP project development. The individual teams are:

We have many external partnerships, in particular the Joint Research Office aims to provide an efficient, effective and streamlined service to support researchers in Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (NUTH) and Newcastle University (University) in securing external research funding, whilst still protecting the University and NUTH in their legislative requirements.