Grants & Contract Team

Research Grants and Contracts Team (HASS and SAgE)

These teams are primarily concerned with costing and pricing of research proposals and work closely with Faculties to negotiate and authorise research proposals, awards and contracts, costing and pricing.

The team provides specialist advice and assistance with:

  • application process and authorisation and electronic submission;
  • funder terms and conditions;
  • awards for all of the various funding bodies, including research councils, government departments, charities, and other public and commercial funders;
  • research policy and compliance such as ethics and insurance;
  • contract pricing, costing, and legal reviews of funder terms and conditions of contract.

Support for research in this area is primarily Faculty based as follows:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Science Agriculture and Engineering
  • Joint Research Office, which is a joint operation supporting the Faculty of Medical Science and the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (NUTH)
Grants & Contracts (University Research Office)

Angela Alsop
Research Support Assistant

Rob Andrew
Grants Administrator

Dr Amanda Gregory
Grants and Contracts Manager

Deborah Grieves
Assistant Grants and Contracts Manager

David Hill
Director of Research Strategy and Development

Joanne Hunter
Assistant Grants & Contracts Manager

Carol Huntley
Assistant Grants and Contracts Manager

Dr Christine Masterson
Grants and Contracts Manager

Sarah Pears
Assistant Grants & Contracts Manager

Alison Walker
Research Grants Assistant