Consultancy approval process

Consultancy - Contracts

As well as negotiating a fair commercial price for the consultancy work to be carried out, the Faculty Enterprise Team will liaise with you and the client to agree other contractual details such as:

  • Achievable project deliverables
  • Appropriate payment terms
  • Timescales, as well as
  • Detailing who will own any arising intellectual property/copyright and whether the University has publication rights.

The Faculty Enterprise teams have a number of standard, University approved, consultancy contracts to hand, as well as a great deal of experience in negotiation, which makes liaising with third-parties a great deal more straightforward. This also removes the burden from yourself in ensuring that an appropriate legally binding contract is put in place.  This will  protect the interests of both yourself and the University.

It should be noted that only a designated member of the Enterprise Team has the authority to sign a consultancy contract on behalf of the University.

Should you receive any contracts or other term-sheets directly from the client, please forward them to your Enterprise Team to discuss the most appropriate way forwards.