Consultancy what we provide

Consultancy - What is it, why do it and what is the process?

Consultancy is the provision of professional services to external companies and other organisations by University staff, normally for a commercial fee, and includes:

  • specialist scientific/technological advice and guidance
  • laboratory based testing
  • data evaluation and assessment
  • speaker agreements
  • expert witness services.

It is one of the mechanisms by which the University transfers knowledge, which is applied and put to work for the public good and as such is a visible example of our 'enterprise’ activities that support the productive engagement with business and industry, voluntary sector agencies and the public sector.

Consultancy can bring a number of significant benefits to the individual member of staff involved, to the School/Institute they are a member of and to the University as a whole, other than just simply income generation. From previous experience, many academics have cited benefits such as:

  • providing useful contacts
  • valuable external stimulus
  • being able to directly market other scientific/research opportunities
  • as well as enhancing their own professional reputation.

Indeed, many consultancy projects often lead on to larger/longer contract research or collaborative projects, thereby diversifying funding sources for the member of staff involved.

The faculty based Enterprise Teams within Research and Enterprise Services (RES) should be your first point of contact for all consultancy projects and we will work with you to ensure that:

  • the professional service is properly costed/priced,
  • that you as an individual is not personally liable for any losses or damages and
  • that the work does not place any undue restrictions on your future research and/or teaching.

The Enterprise Teams are equipped to handle any consultancy enquiry from inception to completion and are able to advise on all matters of contracting including:

  • Project costing and pricing
  • Contract agreement and authorisation
  • Invoicing and distribution of payment

If you have been approached by an external company or other organisation to provide a piece of consultancy, please get in touch by e-mail, phone or simply call into your Faculty Enterprise Office - details on the 'Who to Contact' page. We are here to help.

For further information, please view the University Consultancy policies.