Newcastle University Spin Outs


Alcyomics logo

Alcyomics offers a bespoke preclinical service provision for safety testing and predicting potential allergic or hypersensitivity reactions to novel compounds such as drugs, cosmetics and chemicals.  It can also assess responses to stem cells. Alcyomics uses a non-animal test (Skimune™), to determine if compounds are likely to cause any adverse event in humans which are often not identified when tested in pre-clinical animal models. SkimuneTM is the only commercially available assay using non-artificial human skin that accurately measures the efficacy and potential immunogenicity of large and small molecule therapeutics, cosmetic and chemical products. A unique 3D skin model has also been developed to further the market potential of Alcyomics assays for testing genotoxicity and toxicity profiles. www.alcyomics.com

Founders: Professor Anne M Dickinson, Dr Xiao Nong Wang                                                

Changing health logo

Changing Health aims to be the leading provider of evidence based decision making tools for lifestyle and chronic disease management. We apply our scientific research credentials and exemplary clinical reputation in physical activity and behaviour change research to the delivery of a commissionable lifestyle service and toolkit, with an initial focus on people at risk of or living with type 2 diabetes. Changing Health empowers diabetes care teams to support their patients in making effective lifestyle changes, and our business case is based upon improving patient health outcomes - which in turn will reduce expenditure on treating the avoidable complications that represent 80% of diabetes care spend.


Founder:  Professor Mike Trennel


Demuris logo

The rise in drug resistant pathogens is a serious concern and of increasing economic burden. There is a growing demand for new agents to treat these evolving diseases. Demuris is a drug development company focussing its efforts on this area of high unmet medical need, through the discovery and development of novel anti-bacterial therapies. There is also an urgent need for new therapeutics to tackle invasive fungal infection, which is on the increase due to the expanding population of people living with impaired immune function (both disease and drug induced). With only three families of drug currently in clinical use, Demuris aims to deliver new classes of anti-fungal agents. Demuris is headed up by its founder, Professor Jeff Errington. Jeff is an eminent cell and molecular biologist with an interest in fundamental biological problems in the general areas of the cell cycle and cell morphogenesis. He also has a strong track record in the exploitation of basic science as founder, Chief Scientific Officer and Board member of Prolysis Ltd, an antibiotics spin-out from the University of Oxford established in 1998.


Founder:  Professor Jeff Errington


EKL logo

Electrokinetic was set up to exploit the patented technology of electrokinetic geosynthetics (EKG). The EKG concept combines the two well-known concepts of electro-kinetics and geosynethics to create “active” geosynthetic electrodes. Applications include slope and embankment stabilisation, ground and lagoon consolidation and dewatering of small volume slurry-waste streams using EKG dewatering bags


Founders: Professor Colin Jones, Professor Stephanie Glendinning, Dr John Lamont-Black



e-Therapeutics (AIM: ETX) is a drug discovery company with a proprietary discovery platform based on advances in network pharmacology and chemical biology. The company is applying its platform to the discovery of new drug candidates. The therapeutic focus of the company's activity is in immuno-oncology, addressing drug resistance in targeted cancer therapies and anti-infectives. The platform is highly productive, yielding multiple potent and selective molecules at a much higher rate and more quickly than is reported for conventional drug discovery.e-Therapeutics has a variety of preclinical stage assets, including ETX1153c, a functionally resistance-less antibiotic; ETS2300, telomerase inhibition in anti-cancer; ETS3100, small molecule anti-TNFα; ETS2400, Hedgehog pathway inhibition and ETS5200, broad spectrum antivirals. The company has completed a phase IIb clinical trial for ETS6103, a drug to treat major depressive disorder.


Founder:  Professor Malcolm P Young



Geneius was created to exploit state of the art DNA fingerprinting techniques delivering a microbial identification service to the food and drink, environmental hygiene, pharmaceutical and health care industries.  Activities include microbial and GMO testing in whole foods, processed foods and feeds.


Founder:  Professor Jerry Barnes

Newcells Biotech

Newcells provides products and services into the rapidly growing market for induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSCs).  This technology enables the supply of unlimited quantities of tissues from healthy individuals or patients creating in-vitro models that are more representative of the in-vivo human physiology and disease mechanisms than current models.  While the derivation and properties of IPSCs make them as significant as other forms of stem cells in regenerative medicine, they are seen to be particularly valuable in the field of drug discovery and development.


Founders:  Professor Lyle Armstrong, Professor Majlinda Lako, Dr Mike Nicholds


Newcell Technology Limited

Newcell Technology exploits novel technology for the manufacture of moulded fuel cells. 


Founder:  Professor Keith Scott


newgene logo

NewGene is a pioneer in developing, validating and delivering molecular diagnostics using the latest high throughput sequencing and genotyping technologies. Established through a partnership between the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Newcastle University, NewGene works closely with stakeholders to establish clinical delivery pathways for novel assays across multiple disciplines including hereditary genetics,personalised medicine and haemato-oncology.Utilising this expertise NewGene can also provide R&D support to the NHS, academic community and industry to validate and implement novel diagnostics.


Founder:Professor Sir John Burn


PB logo

PB Bioscience combines the expertise of two scientific specialisms; one in mitochondria, the other in nutrition.  This unique combination has led to the formulation of personalised nutrition technology which optimises the use of dietary anti-oxidants for healthier living.  The company has developed a sophisticated testing device that will empower everyday consumers to optimise their anti-oxidant status and their resistance to harmful oxidative stress.  Anti-oxidants are intimately involved in the prevention of cell damage and by optimising the performance of cells PB Bioscience can help to overcome the effects of our stressful lifestyles.  PB Bioscience also provides services to industry sectors which use anti-oxidants.


Founders:  Dr Georg Lietz, Professor Mark Birch-Machin

VEO logo

Video Enhanced Observation (VEO) enhances training and staff development though use of its online video-tagging system and associated live-tagging app. Video and data are seamlessly combined to facilitate affordable and effective networks of organisational improvement. Aimed at education and commercial training markets, VEO improves CPD observation processes beyond the paper based surveillance style currently prevalent. Users take control of their career development through peer coaching and dialogue around sharing and developing areas of professional practice, made possible via accessible tagged video. The technology is based on the work of two academics, Paul Miller and Jon Haines, from the School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences and has gained significant market traction among teaching and training organisations.


Founders: Jon Haines, Paul Miller



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