XACT PCB - Printed Circuit Boards



XACT PCB produce software that solves problems with poor registration in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacture. They worked with Newcastle University's School of Computing Science on this KTP.

The Business Need

Machine learning allows computers to act without specific programming. The aim of the KTP was to produce new machine learning algorithms for PCB manufacture. Newcastle University offered expertise in this field.

New algorithms would improve the company's existing software and allow them to increase sales in Asia.

The KTP investigated issues where poor quality data was supplied by customers and developed solutions.

Company Benefits

“Our customers operate globally and expect the very best from their chosen suppliers. Thanks to this KTP project and Pablo's skillset, we are on track to launch our latest GX3 product this year, right on schedule ”

- Stephen Mason Laws, Managing Director, XACT PCB

  • Increased sales and profitability
  • Growth of customer base
  • Upskilling of staff
  • New and improved algorithms

Academic Benefits

“The KTP with XACT PLC has given me the chance to strengthen my machine learning methods, and identify new research opportunities”

- Dr Jaume Bacardit, Senior Lecturer, Computer Science, Newcastle University

  • Improved teaching materials
  • Future collaboration with XACT PCB

Associate Benefits

“The KTP gave me the opportunity to transition from academia to industry. Thanks to Newcastle University and XACT PCB, I have the possibility of having an immediate impact on the final consumer market.”

- Pablo Suau , KTP Associate

  • Continued employment at XACT PCB
  • Management diploma
  • Student supervision experience
  • Conference attendance


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