Research Beehive - Rooms and Rates

Room Rates

Room Research Events Internal None Research Events External Events
Full Day Half Day Full Day Half Day
Room 2.21* (Seats 100) Free except on weekends £500.00 £250.00 £1,000.00 £500.00
Room 2.22* (Seats 50) Free except on weekends £250.00 £125.00 £500.00 £250.00
Room 2.20 (Seats 50) NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Room 2.23 (Seats 12) Free except on weekends £50.00 £25.00 £50.00 £25.00
* Room 2.21 and 2.22 can be joined to seat 150

Room Facilities

All rooms currently available to hire are available to view on your web page

What type of events will take place in the Beehive?

  • Research Conferences
  • Workshops to explore and build capacity in key research areas (particularly interdisciplinary - the Research Institutes will play a key role)
  • Postgraduate and Contract Researcher training programme
  • Visits from major research sponsors
  • Research away days for Schools and Institutes
  • Faculty Research seminar series
  • Business outreach events
  • Business Development Directorate seminars e.g. Applying for Research Grants and Contracts, Commercialising your Research
  • Library seminar series e.g. electronic journals, using the web for academic research
  • ... and any other research-focussed event you want to run.

Weekend Opening

Weekend opening is an option for all events please book in advance by contacting Doreen Boddy 0191 2085770. Whether your event is Research related or not there is a charge to use the Research Beehive facilities at weekends.

Event Catering can cater for events at weekends in the Research Beehive, minimum numbers may be required and a weekend surcharge on prices. To discuss catering prices please email Event Catering or phone them on 0191 208 6363.