Kit-Catalogue - Research Equipment Database

The Kit-Catalogue system is designed to help make the University’s Research Equipment discoverable and to facilitate sharing across the institution.

picture of Kit Catalogue Database Screen

The system lists all assets which have been purchased for over £20,000 or which have been identified as being particularly suitable for sharing. 

Kit-Catalogue is a web-based online system (developed by Loughborough University). The information held in the system is based on the University's finance and insurance asset registers.

The original driver for its' set up was the Wakeham Review and the 50% reduction in capital budgets at the last Comprehensive Spending Review.

This resulted in new requirements from RCUK (effective from 1st May 2011) to check for existing local equipment before applying for new items.

A summary of the rules can be found here: http://www.rcuk.ac.uk/documents/publications/equipment-guidance-pdf/


The Kit-Catalogue has an internal (private) view which is visible only to University staff when signed in, the internal view contains details on all the University's assets.

There is also a public (external) view, this contains more limited information on only the items which the asset owners have decided to make public.

N8 Asset Register

This public view also feeds into the N8 Asset register: http://www.n8equipment.org.uk/ and the UK Higher Education National Equipment register: http://equipment.data.ac.uk/, which you can use to search for equipment outside of the University.

User Guides and System Administrators

For staff new to the system we have provided a series of guides below: