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Centre for Cancer


Centre for Cancer

A Newcastle University Centre of Research Excellence

Cancer is a major area of recognised strength in Newcastle. We have an impact upon oncology research and practice worldwide.

Collaboration breeds success

We found our successes on excellent multi-disciplinary interactions across Newcastle University. We work with a wide range of international, industrial and clinical partners.

During the next five years, the Centre for Cancer will build upon these achievements.

We'll bring together all cancer and cancer-related researchers and clinicians in Newcastle. We'll optimise opportunities for interaction and outputs.

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A woman cancer patient receives chemotherapy treatment.

Primary research goals

Our primary goals are to:

  • develop and maintain the teams necessary to undertake world-leading discovery research
  • translate this research into the next wave of clinical advances

We have the potential to work across all parts of the cancer research pathway. We look at everything from single cells to clinical trials to healthcare research.

A hub for cancer research and teaching

The Centre for Cancer will assimilate cancer-related research and teaching activities from:

  • Newcastle University
  • Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust

We have three core aims for the Centre:

  1. making discoveries, changing practice
  2. nurturing today and tomorrow's thought leaders
  3. being at the heart of our communities

Expertise from across research themes

The Centre brings together expertise from across translational research and personalised medicine themes. Major strategic themes of our work are:

  • target and biomarker discovery
  • drug discovery and pre-clinical development
  • diagnostics, biomarkers and pharmacology
  • early-phase clinical trials
  • late-phase clinical trials
  • toxicity and survivorship
  • prevention and screening
  • global and outreach
A woman is screened for breast cancer.

Great North Cancer

For our research to have the most impact, we must embrace the totality of the cancer community.

The Centre for Cancer will form the intellectual core of a much wider group called Great North Cancer.

Great North Cancer will bring together groups, including:

  • patient groups
  • funding bodies
  • industrial partners
  • clinical and research networks

The aim is to be inclusive, aligned to stakeholders and driving excellence.

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