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Centre for Children and Youth


Centre for Children and Youth

A Newcastle University Centre of Research Excellence

We explore the biggest opportunities and challenges for children and young people. We do this through our interdisciplinary and pioneering research.

Addressing inequalities faced by children and young people

Newcastle is a UNICEF child-friendly city. We share the United Nations’ vision that every child should have the best start in life.

However, the reality is that children and young people experience huge differences in circumstances, health outcomes and attainment.

These inequalities, which can impact the young across their entire life course, are particularly strong in the North East of England.

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Our research aims and ethos

We aim to:

  • investigate the impact of social and health inequalities on children
  • support opportunities for addressing existing inequalities
  • identify policies and activities beneficial for the development of children and young people

We'll do this through:

  • world-class research and education
  • partnerships with youth agencies and organisations
A school visit to Newcastle University.

Collaborating with children

There's a growing recognition of young people's desire to represent themselves and participate in research about them. They want to engage with research that interests them and aims to improve their lives. Collaborations with children and young people are central to much of what we do.

Our Centre builds on our current research in the:

  • arts and humanities
  • social sciences
  • health sciences
  • design and engineering

We are creating a dynamic and inclusive research community at Newcastle University. We address the most important research questions for children, young people and families.

Our outreach team working with school pupils.

Our next steps

We recently launched the Centre for Children and Youth in May 2022, bringing together Newcastle University colleagues working on interdisciplinary research endeavours in this area.

If you would like to connect with us, please get in touchsign up for our mailing list or follow us on Twitter. We’ll let you know about the events and activities we’re planning.

We are developing partnerships with organisations, practitioners and policymakers involved in improving the lives of young people, who are involved in shaping the Centre's priorities. That's so we can understand how we can better support them.