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Centre for Energy


Centre for Energy

A Newcastle University Centre of Research Excellence

The Centre for Energy at Newcastle University was created in 2019 to consolidate our significant portfolio of Energy research.

Wealth of expertise

Bringing together a wealth of expertise across disciplines at Newcastle University, the Centre aims to unify efforts towards a new way of thinking about energy systems: 

  • Across scales – from individual electrons to global trading systems
  • Across geographies – from the individual home and household, to communities of villages and towns, to mega cities and nations
  • Across disciplines - from the science of materials, the engineering of systems, the social sciences of energy-related behaviours, the law of energy policy and regulation, the public health impact of energy-related pollution, the artificial intelligence of smart controls…a multitude of disciplines are needed to address this complex problem
  • Across applications – such as domestic, industry, transport, and services
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Tackling a global need

Despite well-intentioned ambition, the UK and other nations are not on track to tackle and prepare for climate change. In the UK, 31% of greenhouse gas emissions are as a result of our energy use in buildings and in generating electricity. Energy use in the transport sector is also a major contributor (34%) of greenhouse gas emissions.

The Centre for Energy will unite our people in working together, to tackle the global need for a rapid transition to clean affordable energy.

Join us.

Solar and wind farms at sunrise

Our vision

Our vision is to deliver advances in:

  • technology and engineering
  • materials science
  • economics and policy studies
  • cyber security
  • lifecycle analysis
  • ethics and justice
  • business models
  • behaviour
  • design and infrastructure

This will help us to progress towards the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Effecting change through collaborative research

We are a platform for cross-disciplinary collaborative research. We mentor early career researchers.

Stakeholders from across industry and government are crucial too. They help shape our research and translate discoveries to impact.

From molecules to systems, small to large scale, across many applications, we can effect change.

We will transition society to clean, affordable energy.

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