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Centre for Heritage


Centre for Heritage

A Newcastle University Centre of Research Excellence

We will foreground the centrality of heritage in politics, society and global concerns. We'll bring together our unique wealth of disciplinary and collaborative approaches.

Broad scope of heritage research

The framing of heritage within this Centre of Research Excellence is broad. But it's responsive to particular strengths at Newcastle and to key challenges.

Heritage is about the many ways in which the past is both drawn into and active within the present. This includes:

  • preservation and interpretation of monuments, landscapes and traditions
  • identities and wellbeing
  • political uses of the past
  • responses to crisis
  • community memory
  • global and international relations
Centre for Heritage logo
Theodosian walls in Istanbul

Unique record and potential

Newcastle University has a unique record and unique potentials for this due to our:

  • wealth of disciplinary approaches to heritage and our ability to combine them
  • strengths in novel, risk-taking, creative and artistic research into heritage
  • commitment to civil, societal and ecological benefit in our research
  • response to challenges in those areas in our heritage research and practice
Military landscapes are among our heritage research concerns

Research interests

The overarching interests that we address are:

  • people
  • places
  • movement
  • memory
  • conflict
  • identities
  • equality
  • creativity

These cut across a range of interests in:

  • audiences
  • cities and place
  • belief systems
  • social division
  • digital heritage practice
  • migration
  • war and conflict
  • health and wellbeing

We also aim to grow new areas of activity, such as tourism.

Cross-faculty collaboration

We also aim to grow new areas of activity, such as tourism.

We want to build out from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. We're keen to collaborate further with the:

  • Faculty of Medical Science
  • Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering